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Coming from Singapore? New to Batam?

These below step by step guide will assist you how to come to this island.

1. Go to Harbour Front

On third floor you will see there are 3 Ferry provider, Penguin, Batam Fast, and Berlian (Wavemaster).

2. Pick the arriving terminal in Batam

Don't be confused with the terminal, there are 5 ferry terminal arriving at Batam.

  • Batam Center Point

    There is one shopping center connect with this ferry terminal Megamal Shopping Center.

  • Harbour Bay

    It's the nearest terminal to Nagoya, business center in Batam.

  • Nongsapura

    You can choose this ferry terminal only if you are planning to stay at beach resort. It's near to Hang Nadim airport

  • Sekupang

    It's far away from city, if you are going to KTM resort in Tanjung Pinggir you can choose this ferry terminal.

  • Waterfront City

    Not far from Sekupang Ferry Terminal, there are 2 popular resort hotels here, Harris Resort and Holiday Inn Hotel.

3. Pick up schedule

The ferry are available every hour. Don't be late for boarding, usually 45 minutes before the departure time.

4. Tell us your trip

You can contact us by SMS +62 81170 3387 or call us at +62 778 424963

5. See you in Batam

Batam Island

A Little Introduction

Batam Island

Batam is part of the 3000 islands of Riau archipelago and the nearest Indonesian island to Singapore.

Location & Size

Just 20 km away from Singapore, Batam Island has all the ingredients of an ideal tropical holiday a paradise of sandy, palm fringed beach, inviting water and sun, all set against clear blue sky. An island of 415 sq km (about 2/3 the size of Singapore), it is 2-3 degrees north of the equator, longitude 104-105 degrees east.

Our Climate

Batam is warm and tropical all year round and with the highest rainfall recorded from November to January. The sea current is relatively light and runs consistently parallel to the coastline.

Population & Language

The island is a busting place with more than 800,000 people. Thanks to its successful industrialisation, many people are working in factories. The serenity of rural lifestyle is still unspoiled by industrial development. Bahasa Indonesia is the official language and the common language used by most residents. English is the next most common language used mainly in venues frequented by tourists.

Barelang Islands & Bridges

Batam is linked in the south to the islands of Rempang and Galang via a series of modern bridges. Collectively they are known as the Barelang bridges which offer breathtaking vies of the beautiful scenery and access to pristine beaches and fascinating dive site.

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